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20, Devica, Poland
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Spol Ženska
Zanima me Ženske, Moški, Pari, Trans
Starost 20
Višina 5'4" - 5'6" [160cm - 170cm]
Teža 100 - 120 lbs [45 - 55 kg]
Lasje Blond
Oči Modra
Etičnost Bela/Kavkaška
Jeziki Ruščina, Angleščina
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I like it when a man also wants me to have fun with him, so I get excited by attentiveness, foreplay and passion 🔥🔥🔥
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hi sweetie 💋
I'm very glad to see you in my room, my name is Alina, I'm 20 years old and I live in Poland :)
I'm a fun, friendly and open-minded sexy long-haired blonde with plump lips (just imagine how cool they would look around your dick) 🔥
I came here to have a great time in an interesting company and try something new in life..))
I make contact with people very easily, so I will be very happy to chat with you and go crazy together 🔥
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I can’t imagine how you can get horny with a lazy, rude and boring man who is only interested in his orgasm?🤥🤔
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  1. 1. What’s your favorite sex position?


  2. 2. Why morning sex is the best?

    Cause we have a lot of energy and passion after a good sleep

  3. 3. Domination or obedience?

    Both ways are possible, depends on the mood

  4. 4. What was your best orgasm?

    After sex with a stranger

  5. 5. Where would you like to have sex?

    In the sea...

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lets dance sweetie
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big dildo to give u the hottest bj
big dildo to give u the hottest bj
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lovense lush to let u make me drip
lovense lush to let u make me drip
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22. 05. 24
beautiful asshole
22. 05. 24
open ass
22. 05. 24
22. 05. 24
i must lick your asshole
20. 05. 24
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20. 05. 24
Such a doll!! I think I’m in love with with gorgeous lady! She is the cutest! Every inch of her is immaculate! Even without makeup, her face shines with light and glows like an ANGEL’🥹 I would do anything for her. she deserves your support! a heart of gold and her hair is that of a Goddess&body is a seductive statue, a work of art! 😍 I’m not usually such a simp, but 2night she got me 🥵 and now I have the biggest crush on her!🙈She can have my whole heart!🥺 💘love you so much, Cirilla bby!
20. 05. 24
open ass
20. 05. 24
20. 05. 24
i must lick your asshole
15. 05. 24
So Fucking Hotti
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